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Job Descriptions for MVM Swim Meet Volunteers

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Safety Monitors

These people wear the fashionable orange vests.  They watch the deck and warm up areas of the pool, making sure that people aren’t doing stupid, dangerous things like diving into the shallow end, running on deck with or without scissors, or juggling glass bottles or chainsaws.  They are NOT police officers.  Any trouble should be brought immediately to the attention of the Meet Director, MVM Coaches, Referee or City Lifeguard.  

Set Up and Clean Up

We will set up the pool for the meet on Saturday afternoon, September 15, after the City lap swim has concluded.  We’ll be putting up awnings, setting up tables and chairs, starting blocks and backstroke flags.  We will also be taping 15 meter marks on the lane lines, which means a few of us will be getting into the water.  The work should take about two hours.

Clean Up/Tear Down  

Clean up will take place immediately following the conclusion of the meet.  We’ll put everything away, break down the awnings, clean up and take out the trash.  The more people we have, the faster the work will go, so we’ll take anyone who wants to help.

Snack Bar Workers

These people sell and assist in the preparation of food and beverages.  The take these items to officials, timers and other meet workers, who get to eat for free.

Meet Management Assistants

These people work in the office with the Meet Director and Dan Corrigan, our Computer Operator. Duties include filing timing system printouts, heat finish results and tabulated final results, post the results and checking each event and age group against existing Pacific, USMS and World Records.

Check In and Registration

These people check in pre-registered swimmers, register race day entries and collect their fees, look up PMS Registration numbers as needed, and work with the meet management team on closing events.


This person does the announcing—events, heats, participants, event closures, etc.


We will need to cover 6 lanes with a minimum of 2 timers per lane.  The morning shift will run from about 8:45 AM to noon, while the afternoon shift will run from about 11:45 AM until the conclusion of the meet, which should be around 3 PM.  In addition, each shift will need a head timer and a couple of relief timers.  Feel free to sign up for both shifts, if you can help out.


These people take heat sheets out to the timers, referees and announcer, and they bring the completed forms back to the office. 

Volunteer Director

The Volunteer Director coordinates the volunteers and ensures that the appropriate people find their way to their appropriate positions. If there are no-shows, this person will look for other people from other functions who can be drawn away to fill the vacancies of the higher priority tasks.

Meet Director

The meet director is the onsite commander. This person will coordinate the activities of all tasks staffed by MVM as well as the meet management, timing system and officiating functions. If the City or any of the outside contractors (Timing, Meet Management or officials) has questions or comments, they bring them to the meet director for resolution and action. Any issues regarding healthy and safety, or disciplinary action are to be brought to the meet director. The meet director will coordinate the activities in the office, ensuring that the meet runs smoothly, results are posted correctly, and any USMS or World Records are properly logged and annotated. Following the meet, the director will ensure that the entire set of meet results are posted to Pacific Masters Management, and the proper documentation for new records is included.

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