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Mountain View Masters Results

Catfish Open Water Swims

Sunday, July 22, 2007
Stevens Creek Reservoir, Cupertino, CA

On Sunday, 22 Mountain View Masters suited up for J and A’s popular Catfish Open Water Swims at Stevens Creek Reservoir in Cupertino on Sunday, July 22.  Sporting Team Colors, MVMers were everywhere.  Our 29 swims resulted in 14 podium finishes for Team Teal, with Don Ingalls taking the top spot in the Men’s 60+ 2.4 mile race.  Special Congratulations to Dale Jackson, Mike Hansell, Darrell Chen, Dave LeRoy, Flip Dibner, Don Ingalls and Kate Latham for swimming in both the 1.2 mile and 2.4 mile races.  Another tip of the hat is due to Don, Dale, Dave and Big Mike for making it onto the podium both times.

The overall first finisher and men’s winner in the 1.2 mile race was Andrew Scheiner, 39, of Stanford Masters, and the women’s winner was 1992 US Olympian Angie Wester-Kreig, 42.  In the 2.4 mile race, 18 year old Taro Moberley, a fixture on the podium since he was 14, denied Andrew’s bid to be the first finisher in both races.  Angie again took the honors as the top woman finisher, coming in 4th overall. See team photos!

Way to go, Team MVM!

1.2 Mile SwimNon-Wetsuit Division
Women 20-29
Jeanne Schriel 31:44.1 8th Place
Lindsay Farlow 32:14.2 10th Place
Men 30-39
Robert Schlossman 30:01.1 6th Place
Darrell Chen 30:09.5 7th Place
David Ridder 31:50.2 10th Place
Women 40-49
Sharlene Gee 27:59.2 3rd Place
Kelly Walsh 38:13.9 9th Place
Men 40-49
Chris Campbell 26:59.8 2nd Place
Women 50-59
Kate Latham 36:36.1 4th Place
Mary Leigh Burke 45:54.3 8th Place
Men 50-59
Mike Hansell 29:45.6 2nd Place
Flip Dibner 37:42.2 5th Place
Men 60-69
Don Ingalls 35:31.2 2nd Place
1.2 Mile SwimWetsuit Division
Anna Luo 34:45.2 17th Place
Janet Wang 39:04.8 23rd Place
Dale Jackson 26:49.6 4th Place
Dave LeRoy 28:45.2 8th Place
2.4 Mile SwimNon-Wetsuit Division
Men 30-39
Darrell Chen NA NA
Lawrence Suen 1:09:00.0 10th Place
Women 50-59
Kate Latham 1:21:41.4 3rd Place
Men 50-59
Mike Hansell 1:01:00.7 2nd Place
Flip Dibner 1:28:37.6 5th Place
Men 60-69
Don Ingalls 1:22:00.2 1st Place
2.4 Mile SwimWetsuit Division
Michelle Ridder 1:03:47.1 4th Place
Tana Jackson 1:12:01.2 7th Place
Dale Jackson 56:56.6 4th Place
Dave LeRoy 1:01:40.2 8th Place
John Krumpelstaedter  1:01:57.5 9th Place
Nathan Etter 1:03:22.8 11th Place