US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

Annual One Hour Postal Swim

January 2007

Congratulations to the nine MVMers who did this year's One Hour Postal Swim in January. MVM came in 4th in the Small Team category (10 or fewer entered swimmers), with 37150 yards total.

Karla Rees, W30-34, came in 1st Overall in the 4x1 Hour Individual Medley.

Way to go, Team MVM!


Karla Rees 4285 yards 23rd Place
Adina Kletter 4215 yards 27th Place
Robin Soares 4065 yards 37th Place

Jami Andrews 4000 yards 44th Place
Tana Jackson 3865 yards 54th Place

Troy Soares 4175 yards 66th Place

Sherwick Min 4455 yards 37th Place

Chris Campbell 4345 yards 58th Place
David Fung 3795 yards 113th Place


Women's 25+     12565 yards     5th Place
Karla Rees
Adina Kletter
Robin Soares

Men's 35+       12975 yards     11th Place
Chris Campbell
Sherwick Min
Troy Soares

Mixed 25+       16320 yards     10th Place
Karla Rees
Robin Soares
Troy Soares
David Fung

Mixed 35+       16665 yards     9th Place
Jami Andrews
Sherwick Min
Tana Jackson
Chris Campbell