US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

Parkside One Mile Open Water Swim

Saturday, May 12 in San Mateo

Way to go, Team MVM!

See the photos!

Women 25-29
Amanda Moore 27:29 1st Place
Heather Kohler 37:23 4th Place
Women 30-34
Adina Kletter 28:04 3rd Place
Men 35-39
Marcelo Castro 32:21 5th Place
Charles Wu 36:57 7th Place
Women 40-44 Wetsuit Division
Anna Luo 34:33 1st Place
Women 50-54
Martha Seaver 28:00 3rd Place
Mary Leigh Burke 47:21 8th Place
Women 50-54 Wetsuit Division
Kate Latham 32:11 1st Place
Men 50-54
Scott Walecka 46:25 4th Place