US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

2007 TAM Postal 1650

Way to go, Team MVM!

Gender and Age Group Name Official Time Place
M25-29 Li Moore 24:34.10 2nd Place
W30-34 Karla Rees 22:50.20 4th Place
W30-34 Adina Kletter 23:21.00 5th Place
W30-34 Robin Soares 23:54.20 7th Place
M30-34 Lawrence Suen 24:08.10 1st Place
W35-39 Jami Andrews 24:10.40 5th Place
M35-59 Troy Soares 22:25.00 3rd Place
M35-39 Derek Minehane 25:20.00 3rd Place
M35-39 Marcelo Castro 25:45.60 7th Place
M35-39 Charles Wu 27:24.30 8th Place
M40-44 Sherwick Min 21:39.20 2nd Place
M40-44 Dave LeRoy 23:31.90 6th Place
W45-49 Chris Miller 29:51.50 8th Place
W45-49 Cheryl Grabowski 40:39.60 12th Place
M45-49 Chris Campbell 21:21.70 3rd Place
M45-49 Bob Stenz 21:45.20 4th Place
M75-79 Jerry Rodder 40:39.60 3rd Place


Gender and Age Group Name Official Time Place
W25+ Adina Kletter, Robin Soares, Karla Rees, Jami Andrews 1:34:10.40 2nd Place
M25+ Lawrence Suen, Li Moore, Charles Wu, Marcel Castro 1:41:45.60 1st Place
M35+ Dave LeRoy, Troy Soares, Sherwick Min, Derek Minehane 1:32:56.00 1st Place
X45+ Bob Stenz, Chris Campbell, Chris Miller, Cheryl Grabowski 1:53:36.20 3rd Place