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Mermaid Women's Sprint Triathlon | Sentinel Olympic Triathlon

Way to go, Team MVM!

Mermaid Women’s Sprint Triathlon
Santa Cruz, CA
Sunday September 30, 2007

Mary Leigh Burke W55-59 1:43:35.9 6th Place 140th Place Overall
Swim 13:29.1
Stairs 3:50.8
Transition 1 6:32.0
Bike 49:07.8
Transition 2 3:14.2
Run 27:22.0

Sentinel Olympic Triathlon
Santa Cruz, CA
Sunday September 23, 2007

(Story by Ed Stewart)

Janet Wang W30-34 2:45:32 10th Place 65th Place in Gender 408th Place Overall
Swim 33:02
Transition 1 5:10
Bike 1:15:14
Transition 2 1:24
Run 50:42
Jami Andrews W35-39 2:30:10 7th Place 22nd Place in Gender 196th Place Overall
Swim 28:36
Transition 1 3:11
Bike 1:13:08
Transition 2 1:27
Run 43:48
Mary Leigh Burke W55-59 3:38:47 9th Place 251st Place in Gender 809th Place Overall
Swim 37:32
Transition 1 8:03
Bike 1:37:39
Transition 2 5:44
Run 1:09:49
Nathan Etter M30-34 2:38:46 38th Place 228th Place in Gender 316th Place Overall
Swim 25:43
Transition 1 3:59
Bike 1:16:57
Transition 2 1:51
Run 50:16
Paul Foronda M30-34 2:46:32 58th Place 305th Place in Gender 434th Place Overall
Swim 28:40
Transition 1 4:25
Bike 1:14:43
Transition 2 2:18
Run 56:26
Sherwick Min M40-44 2:14:25 5th Place 43rd Place in Gender 50th Place Overall
Swim 24:07
Transition 1 2:46
Bike 1:05:35
Transition 2 1:13
Run 40:29
Dave Tarkington M40-44 6th Place 50th Place in Gender 59th Place Overall
Swim 25:53
Transition 1 2:41
Bike 1:03:49
Transition 2 1:13
Run 41:35
Ed Stewart M40-44 2:19:28 11th Place 72nd Place in Gender 89th Place Overall
Swim 24:23
Transition 1 3:36
Bike 1:07:53
Transition 1 1:24
Run 42:14
Dale Jackson M45-49 2:21:56 11th Place 67th Place in Gender 111th Place Overall
Swim 24:28
Transition 1 2:22
Bike 1:03:53
Transition 2 1:23
Run 46:01

Story by Ed Stewart on Sentinel Olympic Triathlon

This is my version of a triathlon race report:

Got up the morning of the race, and got everything packed into the car.  The hardest thing is the kids because they don't want to get up that early.  Drove over the hill and found our usual great parking spot by the skate park.  We park there every year and it is great.  It is right across the street from the exit of the swim and so the kids can sleep, and then run over to watch people out of the water.

I got my packet and found a nice place to put my bicycle.  Put my wetsuit on (actually I borrowed Don's) with the help of a cute triathlete. Managed to get a quick swim in the freezing cold water before the race began.  This year was nice because when the race started and I jumped into the water, it didn't seem as cold as last year.  Actually, when the race started I usually run into the water, but this year I did a quick jog.  Ever since the spring when Hyperion got bought by Oracle, and I was not sure if I would have a job, it has been hard to get going / motivated.  Swim was pretty straight forward.  No problems expect for the normal kick in the face by a slow breast stroker.  I don't know if you all have this problem, but when I do open water swims, my right arm (or is it my left - I can't remember) hurts.  It is because I have to pull my head out of the water to sight and I don't get much practice with that in the pool.  Got out of the water slower than last year, which I thought was a slow time, so I thought this must be slower.

Hoped on the bike and headed out.  The bike was actually not as slow as last year even though I was in pain the whole ride.  I tried many different things to get my legs loosened but nothing seemed to work.  On the way back, I tried to push it harder and was able to do a little better.  My time was actually a little faster than last year, so I guess I should be happy.  Dale caught me just as we rolled into the transition and Dave came blowing by me about 5 miles into the ride.  Both looked really really good, and you can see that in their splits.  My swim must have been better than I thought because a lot of my age group passed me on the bike. It reminded me of the old days of triathlons where I would just go backwards on the bicycle.

Put the shoes on, and headed out on the run.  I have found that if I eat a Gu at the beginning of the run, it makes sure I don't run out of energy during the race, so I eat my Gu during mile 1.  However, during this mile, my right foot hurt as it seemed that my insole was folded over right under the ball of my foot.  I went back and forth trying to determine if I should just go the race that way or stop and fix it.  Since I had a long time ago decided that my placing in this race was not going to be good, I decided to stop and fix the problem.  I stopped, took off my right shoe and nothing was wrong.  I double checked and then felt the bottom of my foot.  I eventually guessed that my foot was frozen at different degrees because of the swim and that is what made my foot / shoe feel weird.  So slipped the shoe back on and started running again.  Lost at least 30 second to this adventure and there was nothing wrong.  Did my normal take it out in control and see how I felt and then pick it up on the way home.  I was pleased with the way I finished and I enjoyed the run.  This run course is probably the best of any triathlon you can do.

All in all, it was ok.  I knew that I was not in the best shape as my biking for the last month had sucked and that my motivation was very low.  My running has picked up, but it really did not show up for the race.  I may have been able to drop a minute if I had not stopped to check my shoe, but I had long since decided that I would just do the race.  I really didn't want too much pain.  I think the week in Chicago and the associated travel didn't help either, but what you going to do.