US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

2008 Tamalpais Aquatic Masters Jon Steiner Memorial Postal Mile

Way to go, Team MVM!

Women 30-34
Sara Bothwell (Cruz) 22:19.45 3rd Place
Adina Kletter 22:28.29* 4th Place
Janet Wang 28:29.25* 5th Place
Women 35-39
Karla Rees 23:28.05* 7th Place
Jami Andrews 24:54.74* 8th Place
Women 45-49
Karene Millar 23:59.26* 8th Place
Women 60-64
Diane Renshaw 40:19.25*# 7th Place
Men 35-39
Charles Wu 25:57.95* 7th Place
Paul Foronda 28:14.74* 8th Place
Men 40-44
Sherwick Min 21:34.25* 4th Place
Men 45-49
Bob Stenz 20:31.81* 8th Place
Chris Campbell 21:03.12* 10th Place
Chuck Neumann 22:23.51* 14th Place
Mixed 25+ Relay
MVM B 1:27:03.66* 1st Place
Karla Rees
Adina Kletter
Chris Campbell
Bob Stenz
MVM C 2:00:15.44* 2nd Place
Diane Renshaw#
Janet Wang
Paul Foronda
Charles Wu
Mixed 35+ Relay
MVM A 1:32:51.69* 2nd Place
Jami Andrews
Karene Millar
Chuck Neumann
Sherwick Min

* denotes time converted from meters to yards.
# denotes race was swum entirely butterfly