US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

7th Annual Alcatraz Classic
Swim with the Centurions

Great video courtesy of Darrell Chen - Team MVM Swim with the Centurions from Alcatraz

SF Bay Saturday
August 29, 2009

Way to go MVM!

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Non-Wetsuit Dvision Name Time Division Place Gender Place Overall Place 
M30-39 Florent Haik 36:26.8 1st Place 11th Place 13th Place
M30-39 Darrell Chen 38:26.1 2nd Place 15th Place 18th Place
M40-49 Rob Schlossmann 41:41.0 6th Place 25th Place 26th Place
Wetsuit Division Name Time Division Place Gender Place Overall Place 
W20-29 Alicia Koht 31:34.4 1st Place 1st Place 1st Place
W30-39 Pamela Garfield 56:47.3 9th Place 44th Place 154th Place
W40-49 Misa Sugiura 35:02.1 1st Place 3rd Place 10th Place  
M40-44 Steve Longerbeam 31:41.0 1st Place 1st Place 2nd Place
M40-44 Scott Lanterman 34:30.2 2nd Place 4th Place 5th Place
M40-49 David Craford 37:19.5 6th Place 13th Place 16th Place
W50-59 Maria Klein 38:48.5 1st Place 10th Place 35th Place