US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

2009 Postal Brute Squad Swims

November 2009

These were actually two different events—one Hosted by Davis Aquatic Masters, and another hosted by Colorado Vortex Masters.  This presented the opportunity to “Swim Once and Enter Twice.”  Diane Renshaw did that. 

There was a slight difference in the entry rules for each event, though.  The DAM event specified that the three events needed to be swum in the order 200 Fly, 400 IM and 1650 Free, and that there were 90 total minutes allowed to complete all three.  In addition, any rest between the events was included in the final entered cumulative time.  Basically, that means you can take rest between events, but the clock is still running.  The Vortex event only specified that the three events needed to be swum over a single 24 hour period, and that the final entered time was merely the times of the three individual events added together.

Sharlene Gee, who entered the Davis event, took a small amount of rest between the individual events.  Diane Renshaw just plowed through all three events.  In essence, she swam through a 300 Fly-100 Back-100 Breast-1750 Free without stopping.  And, believe it or not, she set New Team Records in ALL THREE EVENTS (200 Fly, 400 IM, 1650 Free) without stopping for rest in between.  Then she just took those splits and entered them into the Colorado Vortex Masters event. 

Congratulations to Diane and Sharlene!

Way to go, Team MVM!

Name Division Event Time Place  
Diane Renshaw W60-64 Davis Aquatic Masters Brute Squad 48:13.11 7th Place  
  W60-64 Colorado Vortex Masters Brute Squad  48:13.11 2nd Place  
    200 Fly 4:12.00   New Team Record!
    Rest 1 0.0    
    400 IM  9:10.41   New Team Record!
    Rest 2 0.0    
    1650 Free 34:50.70   New Team Record!
Sharlene Gee W40-44 Davis Aquatic Masters Brute Squad 32:16.10 3rd Place  
    200 Fly 2:54.24    
    Rest 1 18.40    
    400 IM  6:01.88    
    Rest 2 27.16    
    1650 Free 22:34.32