US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

One Hour Postal Swim

January 2009

As a Team, we placed 11th out of 19 teams in the Medium Size division (11-20 swimmers). There were 5 extra large teams (over 100 swimmers). Davis Aquatic Masters had 299 entries, logging over 1 million yards. There were 22 large teams (21-99 swimmers), and there were 125 small teams (10 or fewer swimmers entered). With 63 unattached swimmers, there were a total of 2577 entries. It was the biggest year they’ve ever had for this event.

Way to go, Team MVM!

Division Name Distance Place
W30-34 Sara Bothwell 4300 yards 16th Place
W35-39 Adina Kletter 4100 yards 37th Place
  Tana Jackson 3705 yards 66th Place
W40-44 Laura Schuster 3800 yards 67th Place
W60-64 Diane Renshaw 2830 yards 36th Place
M30-34 Jeff Torborg 3285 yards 56th Place
M35-39 Shannon Schwartz 3835 yards 75th Place
  Khalid El Awadi 3490 yards 95th Place
  Dave Finlay 3480 yards 96th Place
  Paul Foronda 3450 yards 99th Place
M45-59 Chris Campbell 4505 yards 40th Place
  Dale Jackson 4370 yards 59th Place
  Bob Stenz 4195 yards 83rd Place
M60-64 Flip Dibner 3100 yards 87th Place
Team Total Medium Sized Team Division 52445 yards 11th Place


Division Name Distance Place
W25+ Relay Sara Bothwell, Adina Kletter, Laura Schuster 12200 yards 10th Place
M25+ Relay Flip Dibner, Paul Foronda, Jeff Torborg 9835 yards 13th Place
M35+ Relay Shannon Schwartz, Khalid El-Awadi, Dave Finlay 10805 yards 17th Place
M45+ Relay Chris Campbell, Dale Jackson, Bob Stenz 13070 yards 10th Place
Mixed 25+ Relay Sara Bothwell, Adina Kletter, Bob Stenz, Chris Campbell 17100 yards 13th Place
Mixed 35+ Relay Diane Renshaw, Flip Dibner, Tana Jackson, Dale Jackson 14005 yards 14th Place