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Mountain View Masters Results

2009 Tamalpais Aquatic Masters Jon Steiner Memorial Postal Mile

52 swimmers participated.  That is a Team Record for participation in an athletic event.  We’ve hit 43 a couple of times, including USMS Short Course Nationals in Santa Clara in 1999, and again at FINA World Masters Championships at Stanford in 2006.  Our biggest turnout at a 2x1 Mile Relay was 38 in 2007.  MVM is always one of the largest teams to compete in this event.  Since the performance window runs from mid December through the end of February, if we haven’t submitted any entries by the beginning of February, I start getting email from these guys, wondering where MVM’s entries are.  I think the biggest number of entries we’ve ever submitted in this event is 24.  We sure got ‘em good this time!

If you take a look at the names, there were many people who did this event for the first time.  I hope that they now have the confidence to do something like this again.  The other thing that struck me was how close some of these races were.  Look at some of the time differences, irrespective of the age groups.  This year was a little disorganized with respect to putting the swimmers into heats, just based on the sheer volume of swimmers participating.  Things are a lot more interesting, and people push themselves harder when they have someone pacing along right beside them.  We’ll see what we can do about that next year.  Certainly, 52 of us have seed times now.

There were four New Team Records in the 1650 yard Freestyle--Laurin Weisenthal in the W25-29 age group, Maria Klein in the W50-54, Griff Freeman in the M50-54 and Paul Lockwood in the M55-59. In addition, Diane Renshaw swam the 1500 meter Free at The National University of Ireland in Galway Ireland, and her time is a New Team Record in the W60-64 Short Course 1500m Free.

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Way to go, Team MVM!

Division Name Time Place Notes
W25-29 Laurin Weisenthal 17:57.07 1st Place New Team Record!  2/21/09 Eagle Pool, Mountain View.  New Event Record!
W30-34 Sara Bothwell 22:32.00 7th Place  
  Michele Lin 26:31.14 12th Place  
  Melissa Loayza 26:54.00 13th Place  
  Tina Ambrogi 38:21.98 21st Place  
W35-39 Misa Sugiura 21:41.96 6th Place  
  Adina Kletter 23:15.33 9th Place  
  Flora Nelson 23:50.88 11th Place  
  Karla Rees 24:36.84 14th Place  
  Tana Jackson 26:43.53 21st Place  
  Pam Garfield 29:09.00 24th Place  
  Lisanne Eng 29:21.87 25th Place  
  Janet Wang 30:47.94 28th Place  
W40-44 Laura Schuster 24:03.39 10th Place  
  Jami Andrews-Min 24:43.38 13th Place  
  Yinka Bogdan 24:54.00 14th Place  
W45-59 Martha Branch 23:19.36 8th Place  
  Cindy Fulmer 24:40.79 18th Place  
  Karene Millar 24:57.09 19th Place  
  Nancy Lorimer 33:51.84 42nd Place  
W50-54 Maria Klein 22:08.25 3rd Place New Team Record!  2/21/09 Eagle Pool, Mountain View
W55-59 Kate Latham 27:14.69 8th Place  
W60-64 Diane Renshaw 34:46.98*   New Team Record for W60-64 1500 m Short Course!  2/21/09 Galway, Ireland
  Diane's converted time 34:06.06 8th Place  
W70-74 Kate Curry 38:24.41 5th Place  
M30-34 Florent Haik 21:16.93 4th Place  
  Linc Jepson 27:33.36 14th Place  
  Jeff Torborg 29:10.29 17th Place  
M35-39 Rich Maher 22:47.03 7th Place  
  Shannon Schwartz 24:35.47 11th Place  
  Charles Wu 25:22.70 14th Place  
  Ian McAlexander 25:37.17 15th Place  
  Khalid El Awadi 26:49.12 21st Place  
  Derek Minehane 27:09.65 24th Place  
  Paul Foronda 27:26.47 25th Place  
  Dave Finlay 27:28.59 26th Place  
M40-44 Scott Lanterman 21:14.45 11th Place  
  Robert Schlossman 21:55.39 13th Place  
  Sherwick Min 22:11.07 14th Place  
  Paul Klemish 22:43.28 18th Place  
  Rex Frobenius 23:29.00 25th Place  
  Tad Hofmeister 24:43.81 29th Place  
M45-49 Bob Stenz 21:18.56 11th Place  
  Dale Jackson 21:25.05 14th Place  
  Chris Campbell 21:29.22 15th Place  
  Eric Wolff 21:43.30 17th Place  
  Mark Bongi 21:48.96 19th Place  
  Clyde Mann 22:01.43 21st Place  
  Wai-Sze Tam 26:20.04 31st Place  
M50-54 Griff Freeman 22:06.62 6th Place New Team Record!  2/28/09 Eagle Pool, Mountain View
  Bob McKee 22:46.10 10th Place  
M55-59 Paul Lockwood 23:17.00 8th Place New Team Record!  2/21/09 Eagle Pool, Mountain View
M60-64 Flip Dibner 30:40.00 16th Place