US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

One Hour Postal Swim

January 2010

Way to go, Team MVM!

Gender and Age Group Name Distance Place
W18-24 Blossom Marimpietri 3150 yds 48th Place
W30-34 Sabine Bosklopper 3610 yds 88th Place
M35-39 Dave Finlay 3560 yds 96th Place
M35-39 Linc Jepson 2405 yds 136th Place
W40-44 Helen Polkes 3220 yds 134th Place
M45-49 Paul Kryska 4745 yds 20th Place
M45-49 Chris Campbell 4300 yds 54th Place
M50-54 Bob McKee  4150 yds 83rd Place
W55-59 Kate Latham 3615 yds 45th Place
Women's 25-34 Relay Kate, Helen, Sabine 10445 yds 14th Place
Men's 45-54 Relay Bob, Chris, Paul 13195 yds 11th Place
Mixed 18-24 Relay Blossom, Dave, Sabine, Bob 14470 yds 13th Place
Mixed 35-44 Relay Kate, Chris, Helen, Paul 15580 yds 20th Place