US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

The Olympic Club's Trans Tahoe Relay

July 17, 2010

Way to go, Team MVM!

Division Names
(MVM highlighted in bold)
Time Division Place Overall Place
Mixed 240+ 2 Gils and 4 Fish 3:30:54 1st Place 5th Place
  Lisa Hazen --Captain      
  Jody Smith      
  Sue Preston      
  Trevor Gillis      
  Matt Gilman      
  Daren Phelan      
Men's 240+ Cold Momentum 4:08:26 4th Place 28th Place
  John Swenger--Captain      
  Craig Gawlick      
  Mark Lentz      
  Brook Heath      
  David Matthews      
  Sean Bertain      
Men's 300+ MVM Old Guys 4:47:56 4th Place 83rd Place
  Bart Connolly--Captain      
  Bob McKee      
  Griff Freeman      
  Mike Hansell      
  Rich Anderson      
  Clyde Mann      
Men's 240+ Still Dry 5:30:46 20th Place 128th Place
  Patrick Hurley--Captain      
  Matt Chappell      
  Bill Turner      
  James Glasnapp      
  John Trout      
  Jim Flannigan      
Women's 240+ Lake Turtles 5:34:25 5th Place 130th Place
  Bonnie Eshenbauch--Captain      
  Sharlene Gee      
  Kate Latham      
  Melissa Loayza      
  Helen Polkes      
  Dana Warren