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Mountain View Masters Results

2010 Vortex Masters Brute Squad Swim

November and December, 2010
200 yd Fly + 400 yd IM +1650 yd Free Total Time

Way to go, Team MVM!

The first set is from the 2010 Vortex Masters Brute Squad Postal Swim, done during November and December 2010.  Unlike the Davis Masters Brute Squad event, which requires the cumulative time from a 200 Fly, 400 IM and 1650 Free swum in that order, all within a period of 90 minutes, the Vortex Masters event merely requires the summation of the times from these three races swum in any order over a 24 hour period.  Slightly different than the Davis event, the Vortex event allows for more flexibility.  In fact, since both are both swum during the same time of the year, the times from the Davis event may also be submitted for the Vortex Masters event.  I call it “Swim Once, Enter Twice.”  Diane Renshaw and I both did this.

Gender and Age Group Name Official Time Place
M45-49 Chris Campbell Total Time:  34:44.40 3rd Place
  200 Fly Split 3:49.69  
  400 IM Split 7:19.28  
  1650 Free Split 23:35.53  
W65-69 Diane Renshaw Total Time:  50:54.30 3rd Place
  200 Fly Split 4:24.50  
  400 IM Split 9:59.00  
  1650 Free Split 36:30.98