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Mountain View Masters Results

Lake Del Valle Open Water

Aqua Challenge 0.75 and 2.5 Mile Open Water Swims
June 19, 2011

A Tip of the Hat to Coach Jody for winning her division in both races at Del Valle, and to Don Ingalls, Kate Latham, Helen Polkes, Janet Beegle and frequent drop in Dan Nadaner for doubling up and swimming both races.  Denise Walos added a win in the Women’s 2.5K Wetsuit division as well, and Martha Seaver was also right in the thick of things in her division in the longer race.  In addition to doing both races this year, Kate dropped over 6 minutes from her 0.75 mile swim time last year.

Way to go, Team MVM!

Lake Del Valle 0.75 Mile Open Water Challenge

Division Name Time Division Place Overall Place 
W40-44 Jody Smith 16:19.86 1st Place 12th Place
W40-44 Janet Beegle 21:09.85 5th Place 163rd Place
W55-59 Kate Latham 25:17.35 6th Place 234th Place
M60-64 Dan Nadaner (Clovis Masters) 21:44.25 3rd Place 182nd Place
Women's Wetsuit Helen Polkes 24:28.00 4th Place n/a
Men's Westuit Don Ingalls 24:17.15 10th Place n/a

Lake Del Valle 2.5 Mile Open Water Swim

Division Name Time Division Place Overall Place 
W40-44 Jody Smith 34:33.00 1st Place 18th Place
W40-44 Janet Beegle 45:55.45 9th Place 174th Place
W55-59 Martha Seaver 43:29.55 4th Place 136th Place
W55-59 Kate Latham 58:15.10 12th Place 277th Place
M60-64 Dan Nadaner (Clovis Masters) 46:10.30 3rd Place 177th Place
Women's Wetsuit Denise Walos 40:29.45 1st Place n/a
Women's Wetsuit Helen Polkes 58:23.85 9th Place n/a
Men's Wetsuit Don Ingalls 53:55.05 16th Place n/a