US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

One Hour Postal Swim

January 2011

Way to go, Team MVM!

*Small Teams are were 19 or fewer swimmers entered.

New Individual Team Records were set by Martha Branch, Chuck Piercey and Diane Renshaw.  New Relay Records were set by the W55+ Team of Diane Renshaw, Mary Leigh Burke and Elise Danto;  the M45+ Team of Mike Kadi, Chuck Piercey and Chris Campbell; and the Mixed 45+ Team of Mike Kadi, Chuck Piercey, Martha Branch and Kate Latham.  Chuck Piercey was our highest scoring individual, placing 7th in the M50-54, while the M45+ Relay Team came in 9th.

Gender/Age Group Name Total Yards Place Notes
W30-34 Sabine Bosklopper 3650 76th  
M30-34 Raj Singh 3710 58th  
W35-39 Karla Rees 4120 33rd  
W35-39 Adina Kletter 4040 38th   
M35-39 Linc Jepson 3505 78th  
M40-44 Darrell Chen 4360 69th   
M40-44 David Finlay 3720 124th  
W45-49 Helen Polkes 3285 178th   
M45-59 Mike Kadi 4760 23rd   
M45-49 Chris Campbell 4170 89th   
W50-54 Martha Branch 4160 28th  New Team Record!
M50-54 Chuck Piercey 4920 7th  New Team Record!
W55-59 Kate Latham 3480 56th  
W55-59 Mary Leigh Burke 2590 159th   
W65-69 Diane Renshaw 2765 33nd  New Team Record!
W80-84 Eloise Danto 2090 11th   
Totals 16 swimmers 59325 yards    


Division Names Total Yards Place Notes
W35+ Relay Adina Kletter, Kate Latham, Martha Branch 11680 12th  
M35+ Relay David Finlay, Darrell Chen, Linc Jepson 11585 17th  
M45+ Relay Chris Campbell, Mike Kadi, Chuck Piercey 13850 9th  New Team Record!
W55+ Relay Eloise Danto, Diane Renshaw, Mary Leigh Burke 7445 16th  New Team Record!
Mixed 35+ Relay Darrell Chen, Adina Kletter, Diane Renshaw, Chris Campbell 15335 12th   
Mixed 45+ Relay Chuck Piercey, Mike Kadi, Kate Latham, Martha Branch 17320 13th  New Team Record!