US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

2011 Jon Steiner Postal 1650

Of 264 swimmers entered, MVM accounted for 67 of them. We won the Participation Level for Large Teams, with over 30% of our Team participating.  Chris Lindstrom, Jody Smith, Matt Daugherty, Tim Dietrich, Brent Lang and Mike Kadi all won their respective divisions, and 27 other MVMers came in with Top 5 individual finishes.  MVM was particularly awesome in the 35-39 age groups, sweeping the top 5 places in the Women’s division and the Top 4 in the Men’s division.

A special Tip of the Hat to those MVMers who set New Team Records when doing this event, and especially to those who set multiple New Team Records in a single swim—Karene Lees (W45-49 500 and 1000 Free), Rich LaCampagne (M55-59  500, 1000 and 1650 Free), Eloise Danto (W80-84 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 1650 Free), and Jody Smith (W40-44 1650 Free).

We really rocked the house on relays, winning 13 of 18 divisions (3 of 6 Women’s age groups, all 7 Men’s age groups and 3 of 5 Mixed Age Groups), placing 2nd five times, 3rd three times, and 4th once. 

Way to go, Team MVM!


Gender and Age Group Name Official Time Place Notes
W25-29 Alicia Koht-Phipps 20:05.59 2nd Place  
W25-29 Nicole Kocis 32:18.71 4th Place  
M25-29 Matt Daugherty 24:03.46 1st Place  
W30-34 Laura Maurer 24:37.63 2nd Place  
W30-34 Cheryl Chang 25:13.00 4th Place  
W30-34 Sabine Bosklopper 25:50.43 5th Place  
M30-34 Li Moore 23:22.45 2nd Place  
W35-39 Chris Lindstrom 21:47.79 1st Place  
W35-39 Sara Bothwell-Allen 23:32.12 2nd Place  
W35-39 Karla Rees 23:40.28 3rd Place  
W35-39 Flora Nelson 24:10.30 4th Place  
W35-39 Adina Kletter  24:13.85 5th Place  
W35-39 Melissa Loayza 27:21.06 10th Place  
W35-39 Pam Garfield 28:17.31 11th Place  
W35-39 Michele Lin 32:36.97 13th Place  
M35-59 Tim Dietrich 20:51.66 1st Place  
M35-39 Scott Finney 21:14.09 2nd Place  
M35-39 Brian Dye 21:22.69 3rd Place  
M35-39 Francois Richard 21:25.79 4th Place  
M35-39 Jeremy Henry 28:26.99 6th Place  
M35-39 Linc Jepson 29:34.61 7th Place  
W40-44 Jody Smith 19:46.10 1st Place New Team Record in 1650 Free!
W40-44 Misa Sugiura 21:32.11 4th Place  
W40-44 Sharlene Gee 22:55.26 8th Place  
W40-44 Rachel Goldeen 24:44.58 9th Place  
W40-44 Tana Jackson 27:14.44 13th Place  
M40-44 Brent Lang 18:53.97 1st Place  
M40-44 Darrell Chen 21:36.99 7th Place  
M40-44 Robert Schlossmann 22:44.48 9th Place  
M40-44 Paul Klemish 22:50.45 11th Place  
M40-44 Ian McAlexander 24:22.03 13th Place  
M40-44 Dave Finlay 25:40.29 15th Place  
M40-44 Charles Wu 26:15.32 16th Place  
M40-44 David Lin 32:31.09 19th Place  
W45-49 Karene Lees 24:26.49 4th Place New Team Records in 1000 Free (14:48.56), and 500 Free (7:21.21)!
W45-49 Laura Schuster 24:37.90 5th Place  
W45-49 Helen Polkes 29:19.11 14th Place  
W45-49 Nancy Lorimer 34:44.12 17th Place  
M45-49 Mike Kadi 19:12.09 1st Place  
M45-49 Paul Kryska 19:42.93 2nd Place  
M45-49 Chris Campbell 21:55.81 7th Place  
M45-49 Clyde Mann 23:02.74 10th Place  
M45-49 Al Moser 23:41.25 12th Place  
M45-49 Rune Dahl 29:48.58 19th Place  
W50-54 Martha Branch 22:34.37 3rd Place  
W50-54 Maria Klein 23:18.50 4th Place  
W50-54 Mira Dabrowski 23:24.66 5th Place  
W50-54 Irene Smith 24:30.00 8th Place  
W50-54 Joan Wrabetz 25:41.22 14th Place  
M50-54 Jack Sorg 19:44.97 2nd Place  
M50-54 Chuck Piercey 20:45.46 3rd Place  
M50-54 Eric Wolff 22:08.02 5th Place  
M50-54 Bob McKee 22:13.99 6th Place  
M50-54 Eric Nedervold 22:28.96 9th Place  
M50-54 Dale Jackson 22:36.21 11th Place  
M50-54 Griff Freeman 24:02.50 12th Place  
M50-54 Doug Case 28:53.24 15th Place  
W55-59 Kate Latham 27:19.11 4th Place  
W55-59 Mary Leigh Burke 33:33.47 13th Place  
W55-59 Mary Leigh Burke 36:29.89 14th Place  
M55-59 Rich LaCampagne 22:52.34 7th Place New Team Records in 1650 Free (22:52.34), 1000 Free (13:55.00), and 500 Free (6:54.00)!
M55-59 Mike Hansell 23:24.13 8th Place  
M55-59 Paul Lockwood 23:36.23 9th Place  
M55-59 Mike Mulkey 27:24.94 17th Place  
W65-69 Alice Cummings 29:14.43 2nd Place  
W65-69 Diane Renshaw 33:08.46 5th Place  
W80-84 Eloise Danto 46:37.15 2nd Place New Team Records in 1650 Free (46:37.15), 1000 Free (27:58.98), 500 Free (13:51.58), 200 Free (5:20.71), and 100 Free (2:33.25)!


Gender and Age Group Names Official Time Place
W25+ Alicia Koht-Phipps, Jody Smith, Misa Sugiura, Chris Lindstrom 1:23:11.59 1st Place
W30+ Cheryl Chang, Adina Kletter, Laura Maurer, Irene Smith 1:38:34.48 2nd Place
W35+ Sharlene Gee, Sara Bothwell-Allen, Karla Rees, Flora Nelson 1:34:17.96 1st Place
W35+ Melissa Loayza, Tana Jackson, Rachel Goldeen, Pam Garfield 1:47:37.39 2nd Place
W45+ Martha Branch, Maria Klein, Mira Dabrowski, Karene Lees 1:34:04.02 1st Place
W45+ Laura Schuster, Joan Wrabetz, Helen Polkes, Nancy Lorimer 1:54:22.35 3rd Place
W55+ Kate Latham, Mary Leigh Burke, Diane Renshaw, Alice Cummings 2:03:15.47 2nd Place
M25+ Matt Daugherty, Clyde Mann, Paul Klemish, Rob Schlossmann  1:32:41.13 1st Place
M30+ Chris Campbell, Francois Richard, Darrell Chen, Li Moore 1:28:21.08 1st Place
M35+ Brent Lang, Tim Dietrich, Brian Dye, Scott Finney 1:22:22.41 1st Place
M40+ Al Moser, Ian McAlexander, Dave Finlay, Griff Freeman 1:37:46.07 1st Place
M45+ Mike Kadi, Paul Kryska, Chuck Piercey, Jack Sorg 1:19:25.45 1st Place
M50+ Eric Wolff, Dale Jackson, Eric Nedervold, Bob McKee 1:29:27.18 1st Place
M55+ Rich LaCampagne, Mike Hansell, Paul Lockwood, Mike Mulkey 1:37:17.64 1st Place
X25+ Alicia Koht-Phipps, Jody Smith, Mike Kadi, Brent Lang 1:17:57.25 1st Place
X30+ Li Moore, Francois Richard, Adina Kletter, Flora Nelson 1:33:12.39 2nd Place
X35+ Tim Dietrich, Chuck Piercey, Chris Lindstrom, Misa Sugiura 1:24:57.02 1st Place
X35+ Scott Finney, Karla Rees, Sharlene Gee, Brian Dye 1:29:12.32 2nd Place
X45+ Paul Kryska, Jack Sorg, Maria Klein, Martha Branch 1:25:20.77 1st Place
X45+ Chris Campbell, Karene Lees, Mira Dabrowski, Eric Wolff 1:32:15.02 3rd Place
X55+ Rich LaCampagne, Mike Hansell, Kate Latham, Alice Cummings 1:42:50.01 3rd Place
X55+ Paul Lockwood, Diane Renshaw, Mike Mulkey, Mary Leigh Burke 1:57:43.10 4th Place