US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

Rotho Ironman 70.3

June 4, 2011
Kohala Coast, HI

Great Big Congratulations to Denise, Tana and Coach Dale Jackson, Rune Dahl, who , along with Jami and Sherwick Min, all rocked the course with awesome efforts in the Rotho Half Ironman in Hawaii.  Not a throwaway trip in the bunch.

Way to go MVM!

Name Division Leg Time Division Place
Denise Walos W30-34 Total 6:09:17 27th Place
    Swim 30:11  
    Swim Rank 4th Place  
    T1 3:54  
    Bike 3:07:08  
    Bike Rank 20th Place  
    T2 2:53  
    Run 2:25:11  
Tana Jackson W40-44 Total 5:12:16 8th Place
    Swim 38:46  
    Swim Rank 23rd Place  
    T1 2:58  
    Bike 2:41:37  
    Bike Rank 8th Place  
    T2 1:50  
    Run 1:47:05  
Jami Min W40-44 Total 5:18:07 12th Place
    Swim 39:37  
    Swim Rank 27th Place  
    T1 2:55  
    Bike 2:41:37  
    Bike Rank 11th Place  
    T2 1:37  
    Run 1:48:57  
Sherwick Min M45-49 Total 4:43:58 8th Place
    Swim 32:55  
    Swim Rank 15th Place  
    T1 2:48  
    Bike 2:29:17  
    Bike Rank 11th Place  
    T2 1:54  
    Run 1:37:04  
Rune Dahl M45-49 Total 5:10:35 27th Place
    Swim 43:41  
    Swim Rank 108th Place  
    T1 4:41  
    Bike 2:38:06  
    Bike Rank 46th Place  
    T2 1:27  
    Run 1:42:40  
Dale Jackson M50-54 Total 5:04:58 13th Place
    Swim 33:31  
    Swim Rank 14th  Place  
    T1 3:14  
    Bike 2:28:17  
    Bike Rank 4th Place  
    T2 1:54  
    Run 1:58:02