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Mountain View Masters Results

2012 Jon Steiner Postal 1650

Team MVM once again won the Large Team Division, with a participation rate of 14.2% (32 of 225 registered members), just edging out Santa Cruz Masters (33 of 234 for 14.1%).  Everyone who participated contributed to this Team victory.  One fewer swimmer entered, and we come away with Second Place.  Think about that for next year.  The largest number of participants was from the Host Club, TAM, with 34 of 78 members entering.  Congratulations to Pete Dahlgren, who won the M45-49 division, and to Sharlene Gee, who not only set a New Team Record in the W45-49 1650, but in the 200 Free, 500 Free and 1000 Free along the way there.  Similarly, Don Anderson also doubled up in the M60-64 age group, setting New Team Records in the 1650 and at the intermediate 1000 split.  Nice job by everyone!

Way to go, Team MVM!


Gender and Age Group Name Official Time Place Notes
W25-29 Kristin More 23:59.05 2nd Place  
M25-29 Matt Daugherty 23:39.55 2nd Place  
M25-29 Peter Bengsston 26:23.22 5th Place  
W35-39 Chris Lindstrom 21:37.56 2nd Place  
W35-39 Karla Rees 23:43.93 4th Place  
W35-39 Flora Nelson 24:26.74 6th Place  
W35-39 Michele Lin 27:49.60 7th Place  
W35-39 Adina Kletter  28:33.90 8th Place  
W40-44 Sharon Colombo 22:21.60 7th Place  
W40-44 Rachel Goldeen 24:57.84 12th Place  
M40-44 Darrell Chen 21:50.42 4th Place  
M40-44 Robert Schlossmann 2:19.99 5th Place  
M40-44 Charles Wu 26:32.70 11th Place  
W45-49 Sharlene Gee 21:31.11 2nd Place New Team Records in 1650 Free, 1000 Free (13:07.83), 500 Free (6:33.41), and 200 Free (2:34.52)!
W45-49 Janet Beegle 23:31.17 5th Place  
W45-49 Laura Schuster 24:06.09 6th Place  
W45-49 Karene Lees 25:16.03 9th Place  
W45-49 Nancy Lorimer 36:34.49 21st Place  
M45-49 Pete Dahlgren 19:56.95 1st Place  
M45-49 Scott Lanterman 22:07.45 5th Place  
M45-49 Gary Workman 23:26.55 7th Place  
M45-49 Rune Dahl 27:39.90 11th Place  
W50-54 Martha Branch 23:28.00 2nd Place  
M45-49 Chris Campbell 21:40.51* 7th Place Time converted from 1500m race
M50-54 Eric Wolff 22:02.83 8th Place  
M50-54 Bob McKee 22:18.17 10th Place  
W55-59 Kate Latham 27:51.97 7th Place  
W55-59 Mary Leigh Burke 35:36.67 17th Place  
M55-59 Mike Hansell 23:38.59 6th Place  
M55-59 Neal Scott 28:26.39 14th Place  
M55-59 Mike Mulkey 27:24.94 17th Place  
M60-64 Don Anderson 23:31.75 2nd Place New Team Record in 1650 Free and 1000 Free (14:10.59)!