US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

2013 Jon Steiner Postal 1650

Eagle Pool, Mountain View, CA
Sunday, February 17, 2013

Once again, MVM won the Team Participation Large Team Division, with 34 swimmers competing, or 14.1% of our registered Team.  New Team Records set by Sharlene Gee, Brent Lang and Kate Latham.

Way to go, Team MVM!

Gender and Age Group Name Official Time Place Notes
W25-29 Kristin More 23:27.47 1st Place  
M25-29 Kyle Leimkuhler 19:12.83 2nd Place  
W30-34 Kristin Vampola 34:25.13 3rd Place  
M30-34 Kenneth Vampola 22:47.22 2nd Place  
M30-34 Matt Daugherty 23:13.64 3rd Place  
M30-34 Peter Bengtsson 25:18.12 4th Place  
W35-39 Flora Nelson 23:10.25 1st Place  
W35-39 Sara MacMahon 23:25.69 2nd Place  
W35-39 Diana Kucer 25:29.69 3rd Place  
W35-39 Pam Garfield 28:51.44 4th Place  
M35-39 Francois Richard 20:19.16 1st Place  
M35-39 Stewart Ellis 27:59.31 2nd Place  
W40-44 Misa Sugiura 21:45.52 5th Place  
W40-44 Chris Lindstrom 21:52.06 6th Place  
W40-44 Christine Johnson 24:54.90 8th Place  
W40-44 Kim Carlson 31:53.92 12th Place  
M40-44 Dave Finlay 26:50.97 6th Place  
W45-49 Sharlene Gee 21:28.10 2nd Place New Team Record!
    2:34.15   Split is a New Team Record in W45-59 200 Free!
    6:26.96   Split is a New Team Record in W45-59 500 Free!
    12:58.90   Split is a New Team Record in W45-59 1000 Free!
W45-49 Janet Beegle 23:50.31 5th Place  
W45-49 Laura Schuster 24:49.86 9th Place  
M45-49 Brent Lang 19:07.21 1st Place New Team Record!
M45-49 Edward Deng 23:56.39 3rd Place  
M45-49 Rune Dahl 26:37.41 6th Place  
W50-54 Martha Branch 23:50.91 3rd Place  
W50-54 Karene Lees 24:37.60 4th Place  
W50-54 Irene Smith 24:56.00 5th Place  
W50-54 Kalpana Nathan 37:16.06 13th Place  
M50-54 Eric Wolff 21:39.72 2nd Place  
M50-54 Chris Campbell 22:16.58 6th Place  
M50-54 Bob McKee 22:27.65 7th Place  
M50-54 Clyde Mann 24:22.96 9th Place  
M55-59 Jack Sorg 19:47.94* 1st Place *Time from TOC 1500m
M55-59 Mike Hansell 22:42.48 2nd Place  
W60-64 Kate Latham 28:19.66 3rd Place New Team Record!