US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters Results

Santa Cruz Roughwater Swim Around the Pier Swim

July 30, 2016

Way to go, Team MVM!

Division Name Time Division Place Overall Place 
M30-34 Craig Gawlick 20:58.15 2nd Place 29th Place
W50-54 Laura Grubb 33:48.55 16th Place 254th Place
M55-59 Clyde Mann 23:39.65 7th Place 73rd Place
M55-59 Jay Stanton 25:51.25 10th Place 119th Place
W Wetsuit Tina Whiteside 27:33.80 8th Place n/a
M Wetsuit Blair Crookston 22:12.45 5th Place n/a
M Wetsuit Don Ingalls 29:06.50 5th Place n/a
M Wetsuit Bret McMillan 32:39.45 27th Place n/a