US Masters Swimming

Mountain View Masters

CaliforniaMan Ironman Relay

May 22, 2004

by Troy Soares

May 22nd was a very special day for Terminator 3 made up of Paul Cousineau, David Ridder, and Troy Soares. They teamed up and trained especially hard for this first-ever Iron-distance relay triathlon. They were racing for Alan Liu, the 31 year old, Mountain View Masters swim coach that was killed by a drunk driver 4/11/04 while cycling with his girlfriend, Jill Mason, who was critically injured.

Paul took Alan's spot on the relay team and they raced in honor of their fallen swimmer. Against 26 other teams from multiple countries vying for a $3000 grand prize, Alan's team, Terminator 3, came across first! They came from behind the Kain Performance team in each of the events due to the leading team's poor judgment, highlighted in the run by a wrong turn which allowed Troy to slip into the lead and claim the $3000 prize for the team.

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