Volunteers for MVM Meet signup sheet

Alan Liu Meet Volunteers (9/12)

Event Chair: MVM

Task descriptions:

Setup: Happens at 5pm on 9/11 (Saturday evening)

Check-in table: have incoming swimmers indicate positive check-in for the events they will swim. no on-deck entries

Safety monitors: watch the warmup areas, enforce any restrictions on swimmers per lane, and notify lifeguards of any safety issues

Head timer: train timers before their shift by explaining what exactly they need to do

Timers: use buttons and stopwatches to record times. (this is the easiest task if you are unsure how you can help)

Sheet runner: take heat sheets back and forth between meet management and timers

Office assistant: support the meet management system as necessary

Snack table: take cash payment for snacks sold

Tear down: self-explanatory. the more the merrier!

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