Swim Workout Signup

This system is only for members paying dues. We are unable to accommodate drop-ins, visitors, or new members at this time.

By signing up for workouts through this system, you agree to follow all rules set forth by MVM and the local government. Any member’s failure to comply may result in MVM losing the privilege to hold workouts. Non-compliance with rules or abuse of the signup system may result in your being barred from attending workouts. Minor one-time violators will receive written and/or verbal warnings; egregious or repeat violators will lose the privilege to participate.

If you are showing any signs of sickness or a compromised immune system, you are kindly asked to refrain from participating. Please self-assess when signing up AND before heading to the pool.


  • All attendees must wear masks at the pool, regardless of vaccination status. This includes coming to the pool, leaving the pool, and walking around the facility – essentially any time you are not in the water.
  • Locker rooms are still available for now, but you must wear a mask unless you’re showering.
  • If you choose to change in the locker rooms, you still need to wear your mask between the locker room and pool. Please bring a bag or something you can use to store your mask closer to the pool.

Attendance Procedures:

  • Enter and exit through the side gate. We will no longer use the office entrance.
  • Please plan on arriving early (or at least on time) out of courtesy for your lanemates.
  • If you’re swimming the first or second workout of the day, you may stay in the pool all the way until the clock hits the hour, but you must get out at that time. No rush to head out of the facility though.
  • If you’re swimming the final workout of the day, you must exit the pool 5 minutes before the hour. You must exit the facility by 10 minutes after the hour, and this includes your locker room time.

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