About Mountain View Masters

What do we do?

MVM is a US Masters Swimming program serving the local community and visitors of Mountain View, California. Our coaching staff works to develop adult swimmers’ technique and strength through organized training and targeted instruction. We hold daily workouts, occasional clinics, and an annual meet. Individual lessons are also available upon request. Our members represent the full range of swimming abilities from beginner to national champion and have widely varying goals which include pool meets, triathlons, general fitness, and stress relief. The team’s philosophy is to create a structured and purposeful swim program from which we can all benefit while having fun!

Social Activities

It can be difficult to connect with each other in the middle of an intense workout, so we schedule social events in order to build team community. We have regular coffee hangouts, monthly happy hour events, and seasonal functions such as summer barbecues and holiday parties. There’s always some event for us to get to know each other while dry, warm, and clothed.


Many of our members regularly attend local and national competitions in addition to the meet which we host each year. Though some of our meet-goers have illustrious swimming careers, others come to race for the first time ever. Competition is a great way for us to set healthy goals and leave our problems behind for a few hours. Join us for a carpool and post-race tacos!


Some History

MVM was formed in the late 1980s and remained a relatively small program until Mo Chambers became head coach in the early 1990s. Coach Mo dramatically expanded the program, moved it to a new pool at Eagle Park, and encouraged more swimmers to participate in swim meets and open water competitions. Her efforts earned her recognition as Pacific Masters Swimming’s Coach of the Year in 1995 and USMS Coach of the Year in 1996. Coach Mo retired from coaching MVM in 1998 when she gave birth to her twin sons. Coaches Suzanne Topp-Mozdy and Alan Liu, formerly assistants under Coach Mo, took over the program and shared the head coaching duties until Coach Suzanne left to attend graduate school. Coach Alan ran the team until his tragic and untimely death in 2004, and the team now holds a swim meet in his memory each year. MVM continues with a great coaching staff, maintaining the same philosophy and structure that Coach Mo brought to the program. Our current coaches have experience in collegiate swimming, professional tennis, and yoga instruction. Each has their own unique assets and guidance to offer a diverse group of swimmers.


As a non-profit organization, we seek to govern ourselves honestly and effectively. View our bylaws here. The most recent revisions were adopted in December of 2020.

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