About Mountain View Masters


What is Mountain View Masters? What do we do?

MVM is a USMS-recognized masters swimming program based in Mountain View, California, serving Mountain View, surrounding communities, and visitors.  The coaching staff works to develop swimmers’ technique and strength through instruction and organized training. We offer practices seven mornings per week, stroke clinics, and private lessons for team members. We accommodate most peoples’ training schedules and individual goals, whether they compete as swimmers, triathletes, or just swim for personal fitness, so that each team member can get what they need from our program.

MVM Social Activities

Swimmers are much more friendly in the pool if they know each other “dry”. So we schedule social events in order to build team community! We have monthly happy hour events plus regular social functions such as the Summer Picnic, Winter Holiday Party, and the February Fitness Challenge Auction in March.  There are many other opportunities for our swimmers to spend social time time together while dry and clothed, including carpooling to and hanging out together at meets and open water events.

image1Some History

MVM was formed in the late ’80’s and remained a relatively small masters program until Mo Chambers became head coach in the early ’90’s. Coach Mo dramatically expanded the program, moved it to the new pool at Eagle Park, and encouraged more and more swimmers to participate in swim meets and open water competitions. Her efforts earned her US Masters Swimming Coach of the Year honors in 1995. Coach Mo retired from coaching MVM in 1998 when she gave birth to her twin sons. Coaches Suzanne Topp-Mozdy and Alan Liu, assistants under Mo, took over the program, sharing the head coaching duties until Coach Suzanne left to attend graduate school. Coach Alan ran the team until his tragic death April 2004. MVM continues with a great coaching staff , maintaining the same philosophy and structure that Coach Mo first brought to the program.  Our current coaches have been collegiate swimmers, professional tennis players, yoga instructors, and banjo players.  The provide the wide variety of training opportunities that you might expect from such a diverse team.

Club Philosophy

Mountain View Masters strives to maintain an environment that strikes a healthy balance between fitness, fun, and competition. All levels of adult swimmers are welcome: from fitness swimmers to competitive pool and open water swimmers, first time triathletes to experienced ironpersons. The role of the coaching staff is to design a program that will allow all members to reach their individual goals. We believe that improving stroke technique and providing purposeful training sets are key elements to team and individual success. We also believe that having fun is just as important!

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