MVM Code of Conduct

(Revised November 11, 2020)


The Mountain View Masters Swim and Social Club (MVM) seeks to help our community’s swimmers achieve a healthy balance between fitness, fun, and competition. This requires a positive, safe, and welcoming environment. To that end, the MVM Code of Conduct defines our expectations for members, staff, and visitors – all of whom must agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. Participants enter into this agreement by participating in any MVM activity. The privileges of membership and participation may be withdrawn or denied if an individual’s behavior is inconsistent with mission and values of MVM or US Masters Swimming (USMS, or if such behavior is deemed detrimental to the reputation of MVM and/or USMS.

Code of Conduct

Swimmers shall obey all facility and government-imposed rules and share the pool responsibly and courteously. Swimmers shall follow all coaching staff instructions and make honest efforts to follow workouts as given. With the approval of the coach on deck, swimmers may modify the given workout only if their adjustments do not interfere with other swimmers. It is expected that such swimmers will notify their lane mates and position themselves accordingly.

Coaches are responsible first and foremost for the safety of all swimmers present at a workout. The judgment of the coach in charge shall be respected as final by all swimmers. If a swimmer feels that such a judgment or decision is unfair or in error, the swimmer should first speak to the coach and make an effort to resolve the issue. If unable to reach a resolution that way, the swimmer is encouraged to bring the matter to the attention of the MVM Board or file a written grievance.

All members and visitors are expected to maintain an environment of kindness and respect which is free from harassment and intimidation. Members and visitors shall refrain from publicly judging, criticizing, or otherwise creating a hostile environment. Physically or verbally abusive behavior is unacceptable at the pool, any MVM-sponsored activity, or any USMS event.

If unable to resolve conflicts on their own in a civil and reasonable manner, members or visitors should contact a coach or, when appropriate, a board member for assistance and mediation.

Penalties for Violation of the Code of Conduct

If a member or visitor violates the Code of Conduct, any or all of the following penalties may be applied at the discretion of the coaching staff:

  • Private reprimand
  • Suspension from practice without reimbursement of fees paid
  • Revocation of membership and denial of participation. This penalty shall be used in cases of egregious, repeated, and/or irresolvable violations, and it requires concurrence of the MVM Board.

At the MVM Board’s discretion, any member of the coaching staff determined to be violating the Code of Conduct may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment.


MVM aims to be a diverse group of people who can safely enjoy time together both in the water and away from the pool. We rely deeply on each other’s commitment to uphold the highest standards of conduct. Everyone is expected to behave considerately, and witnesses to deviations from our values are asked to speak up.

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