How to Join MVM

Thanks for your interest in Mountain View Masters. Now come to one of our practices. Show up a few minutes early, and introduce yourself to the coach on deck. The coach will get you started. The first time you come is free, so drop on in and try it out!

MVM is part of U.S. Masters Swimming. Anyone 18 years of age and older can swim with us. We try to balance fitness and fun for our swimmers. We offer coached practices, swim clinics, private coaching lessons, and social activities. Here is a video about U.S. Masters Swimming.

Our coaching staff is experienced in teaching beginners, improving experts, training swimmers for meet and open water competitions, and motivating everyone. We focus on fitness and technique to help all swimmers improve.

We swim seven mornings a week. See our workout schedule for more information.

How to Join

  1. If you aren’t already a registered member of USMS, print a copy of the USMS 30 day trial form, fill it out and bring it to the coach on deck. This allows you to try out a masters program for 30 days. After that you must join United States Masters Swimming ( and pay the annual USMS fee.
  2. Your first workout with Mountain View Masters is free. After that you can choose your membership (monthly, quarterly and semi-annual). This requires a quick email to
  3. Fill out our online registration form. The registration form give you an opportunity to opt into our text-messaging service, which we use to provide late-breaking info such as pool closures.

Team MVM communications

To keep you in the know on team activities, events and announcements, and to facilitate communications between members. we have a few different communication methods:

MVM “Google Group” – Anyone is welcome to request being added to the team group  the primary communications tool for the team. Once you join, you will receive periodic team announcements, invitations to team social events. We sometimes use this list for the MVM Evite account too.  Send an email asking to be added to the group.

MVM Facebook Group – The Mountain View Masters Facebook Group is an unofficial group for MVM+Facebook users. It’s an additional means to communicate, network and share pictures from team events with your fellow swimmers. FYI: we usually admit only paying MVM members.

Group Texting –  We offer a group texting service for occasional alerts such as last minute schedule changes or emergency pool closures such as for poor air quality. Send your mobile phone number in an email asking to be added to the group text service.

Code of conduct

In an effort to keep our team the best Masters team we can be, the Board of MVM Swim and Social Club wants to ensure that our members and staff feel welcome, valued and respected. We have an MVM Swim and Social Club Code of Conduct to help define the expectations of our members and staff to help accomplish this goal.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

See you at the pool!
Mountain View Masters

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