Friday 12/9/16 workout

Warm-up: 5 minutes of 25’s – one leg kicking. 20 second rest interval (Kicking takes Oxygen!) Focus on getting propulsion from both down and UP motion of the leg.

5 minutes of 50’s – try to get a 6 beat kick without slowing down your arms. If you have to slow down your arms – try a 4-5 beat kick. 20 second rest interval

5 minutes of 25s – explosive dolphin kicks off the wall. Try to do 2 more dolphin kicks than you usually do. Once you break surface, swim easy rest of 25.

Main Set:

4 Rounds:

75 kick – work on technique. :15s RI (Rest inverval)

75 non-free (work on 6 beat kick on long axis) :15s RI

75 free (work on 6 beat kick) :30s RI (Get ready for fast kick coming up!)

75 kick for TIME – fast as possible!

50 EZ
Cool Down:

300 pull

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