Workout for Saturday 12/10/16

Saturday 12/10/16

Sneaky IM work with Chris and Kate


Warm up:

600 choice



(not quite) Drill set:

12×50 freestyle

#1-4 on cruise+10 sec

#5-8 on cruise+5 sec

#9-12 on cruise



Main set:

4 rounds of:

1×300 (50 drill/25 swim max DPS)

1×200 (50 kick/50 swim max DPS)

4×25 on cruise+15 sec, 85% effort

1×50 easy

Do one round each stroke.  If you don’t know a good drill (and you should have an idea what you should be working on), ask your coach for a suggestion.



Last set:

8×25, choice of stroke

Odds:  0, 1 or two breaths

Evens:  max DPS, moderate pace

200 easy pull or swim


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