Workout for Monday 1/9/17

Monday, January 9, 2017

Building the aerobic base with Chris, Ryan and Tina

Warm up:

 600 choice



 Drill set:

 6×50 on cruise+10 sec

#1-3 max DPS

#4-6 descend

 1×200 kick

Odd lengths flutter kick, even lengths choice of stroke

 3×50 single arm drill

Focus on core engagement and hip skate/rotation

 3×50 swim build on cruise+5 sec



Main set:

Today’s set focuses on a long stroke with a good catch up front, and increasing your stroke tempo as the rounds progress.  Maintain the integrity of your stroke mechanics as you go through the set.  At the midpoint of each length, draw your belly button to your spine to engage your abdominal muscles, and get your head aligned with your spine.  Good streamlines off each wall.

3 rounds of the following set:




In round 1, everything is on cruise+10 sec.  In round 2, the interval is cruise+5 sec. In round 3, everything is on even up cruise.  Establish stroke length in round 1, and build up your tempo while maintaining stroke length in the subsequent rounds.



 Last set:

 100 easy


Odds:  25 kick/50 choice of drill

Evens:  swim, choice of strokes, ascend by 25s




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