Workout for Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday, February 9, 2017

IM walls with Chris and Ryan

Warm up:

 600 choice



Drill set:

1×300 swim, every 3rd length kick

4×75 (25 kick/50 drill).  One each stroke

8×25.  Two each stroke

Odds—max DPS




Main set: 

1×300 swim

Off every wall, streamline into 3-4 dolphin kicks and breakout into 2-3 good strokes of Butterfly.  The rest of each length is easy freestyle.

4×100 IM on cruise+30 sec

Build the Fly

1×300 swim

Off every wall, do a streamlined breaststroke pulldown and kick out, breaking out into 1-2 good strokes of breaststroke.  The rest of each length is easy freestyle.

2×200 IM on cruise+40 sec 

On #1, build the backstroke.  On #2, build the breaststroke.

1×300 swim

Off every wall, do a good streamline, and break out using a BOTTOM ARM FIRST pull out.  All freestyle.

1×400 IM

Work walls and streamlines all the way through


The focus on the main set is on the 300s.  Walls and streamlined breakouts are everything here.  If you can do a flip turn and go into the breakout sequences without that extra breath, that’s good.  Otherwise, if you need to do so, do an open turn and work the streamline.  For those wishing to do backstroke, be careful.  Ensure lots of space in the lane and between swimmers, and make sure they know where the people in front and in back of them are.



Last set:

Option 1:

4 rounds of:

1×50 kick, build

1×25 kick fast

1×25 kick easy

One round each stroke

100 easy swim


Option 2:

2 rounds of:

4×50 on cruise+20 sec

In each round, #1 is 25 fly/25 back, #2 is 25 back/25 breast, #3 is 25 breast/25 free, #4 is good effort, choice of strokes

100 easy




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    This was a novel way to do my IM workout!

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