Workout for Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday 3/22/17

Working on building to the finish, with Chris, Ryan and Tina


Warm up:

600 choice



Drill set:

4×75 (25 kick/50 drill)

Drill is choice between single arm drill and rhythm drill, focusing on core engagement

4×50 swim on cruise+10 sec

25 breathing to your left/25 breathing to your right.  Focus on stroke balance on side to side

4×25 swim build



Main set:

1×500 on cruise+20 sec

1×200 on cruise+5 sec

1×500 on cruise+20 sec

2×100 on cruise+5 sec, descend 1-2

1×500 on cruise+20 sec

4×50 on cruise+5 sec, descend 1-4


The focus of this set is on stuff after the 500s.  The 500s are moderate steady pace.  Begin the things after them (200, 100s, 50s) at the pace of the 500s, and descend from there.  Also, no pulling gear or fins on the 200, 100s and 50s.



Last set:

1×100 easy

8×25 on cruise+15 sec

Odds easy, even fast.  Choice of strokes

1×100 easy



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