Set for Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Tweaking the long stuff with Chris


Warm up:

600 choice



Drill set:

4×75 (25 kick/50 drill)

4×75 (25 kick/50 swim, max DPS)



Main set:

3 rounds of the following:

1×300 (50 of your regular breathing pattern/50 of a different breathing pattern).

1×800, applying what you learned on the 300.


The 300s are swum without any fins, paddles or pull buoys.  The idea is to change your normal stroke rhythm and style and to evaluate the assymetries and imbalances now seen when you’re out of your comfort zone.  Apply what you have learned during the 300 on the 800s, where you can gear up to your heart’s content.  If you get bored with longer freestyle sets, you can break up the second and third 800s into a subset that totals 800.



Last set:

4×50 easy backstroke



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