Saturday 7/22/17 Workout

“It’s not always about a hard workout.  Do yourself a favor and think about your swimming!”

600 choice warm up


warm up set

200 free: focus even lengths throw in a pause in your stroke and see if you are pushing back on the water rather than down or sideways

200 IM: focus on drilling your weak stroke(s) and swimming your best

200 free: focus on building your 100s to get your heart rate up and wake yourself up


main set

4X50 fly: focus on the t-press get rid of the “old school” super dolphin style

200 free: focus on swimming downhill

100 IM: focus work the fly

50 easy

4X50 back: focus on the catch

200 free: focus on feeling the water through the stroke are you really catching and holding it

100 IM: focus work the back

50 easy

4X50 breast: focus on finishing your kick with a squeeze rather than peter out

200 free: focus on timing your 6 beat kick so you have a down kick on the same side and at the same time as your hand finishes your stroke

100 IM: focus work the breast

50 easy

4X50 free: focus let your core drive your stroke

200 free: focus smooth acceleration through your pull get rid of the one speed pull

100 IM: focus work the free

50 easy


hungry for more

400 IM or 4X100 IM mash up (one 100 IM after another without breaks) or 400 free open water style (no walls and practice sighting)

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