Saturday 8/26/17 Workout

Warm Up

600 Choice



Drill Set

4X50 25 Drill/ 25 Swim

Focus on feeling the water

Hand Drills:

Pointer finger only rest of fingers closed

OK sign

Horns (thumb and pinky only)

Piano (move fingers like playing piano while pulling)


Keep focusing on feeling the water

200 Swim

2X100 IM Drill




Main Set

3 Times Through

250 Free

200 IM

150 = 100 Kick + 50 Swim

Pick which of the 3 you want to work hold steady on the others.

Quick regroup between parts.



Main Set Part 2

3 Times Through

300 Free

50 Stroke

Choose what you want to work either….

Work the Free = Recover the 50

Work the 50 = Stretch out the 300

Touch and go sendoffs = either touch and go from a fast 300 into an easy 50 or rolling from a stretch out 300 to your fast 50



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