Workout for Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sunday, November 5, 2017
Downhill distance with Chris
warm up:
600 choice
drill set:
#1  every 3rd length nonfree
#2  every 3rd length kick
#3  50 drill/25 swim
You know my favorite drills–the ones that emphasize balance stem to stern, and left to right.
#1-3  25 pitch drill/25 swim
#4-6  descend
Pitch drill–first third of the length, swim with eyes forward and let your hips sink.  Middle third, back to your regular swimming posture.  Last third, engage your core–draw your belly button back towards your spine, press the Tee, eyes at the bottom of the pool, and lift your upper abdomen.  You’ll feel like you’re swimming downhill.
main set:
3x broken 1000s
#1  200 pitch drill-rest 10 sec-800 swim
#2  400 swim-rest 10 sec-200 pitch drill-rest 10 sec-400 swim
#3  800 swim-rest 10 sec-200 pitch drill
The idea on this set is to bring our focus to body balance and alignment.  Ideally, we map some of this stuff onto our swims.  Improvement is an iterative process–we are exposed to new ideas, and we incorporate them bit by bit.  Stay focused.
last set:
1×100 swim
1×50 kick
1×100 swim
2×50 kick
1×100 swim
3×50 kick
1×100 swim
4×50 kick
1×100 swim

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