Workout for Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Pushing the pace and relaxing back into rhythm, with Chris


Warm up:

600 choice



Drill set:


#1  50 single arm drill/50 swim max DPS

#2  50 kick/50 swim max DPS

#3  50 single arm drill (a different one than before)/50 swim max DPS

#4  50 rhythm drill/50 swim max DPS

The focus on this drill set is balance and stroke symmetry.  Try different flavors of single arm and rhythm drill—unused arm extended or at the side, brething to the opposite side or the same side.  Such changes highlight things that we can be better at doing.



Main set:

1×400 on cruise

1×400 max DPS


2×200 on cruise

1×400 max DPS


4×100 on cruise

1×400 max DPS


8×50 on cruise

1×400 max DPS

After pressing the pace on cruise interval, go right into the 400 max DPS without breaking the interval.  Take an extra 30-60 sec rest after each 400 max DPS.  If you want to swap gear, do it then.  The idea here is to push the pace on the cruise interval stuff and then slide right into the max DPS stuff, with an eye on maintaining something close to cruise speed while cleaning up your stroke mechanics.  The effort on those 400s will be a little more relaxed, but with the focus on better stroke mechanics and body position, maintaining pace should be easier to do.



Last set:


Odds:  25 free/50 kick

Evens:  25 free/50 nonfree


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