Workout for Sunday, November 3, 2018

Sunday, November 3, 2018

Tripping with LSD (Long Slow Distance), with Chris

warm up:

600 choice



drill set:

4×100 free (25 kick/50 drill/25 swim max DPS)

4×50 freestyle Golf on cruise+10 sec



main set:

This is a low intensity set.  Rather than hammering your way through this, the focus is on keeping your technique sharp.  Descend not by increasing your effort, but by zeroing in on your stroke mechanics.  In the words of author Gustav Flaubert, “God is in the details.”  Pay attention to your stroke.  Doubly so when you get tired.

1×1000, moderate even pace.  Get your time and figure out your pace

2×500 on cruise+30 sec, moderate descend 1-2.  

#1 at the pace of your 1000, #2 1-2 sec per 100 faster

5×200 on cruise+20 sec, moderate descend 1-5

#1 at the pace of your 1000.  Each successive 200 is 1-2 sec faster



last set:

100 easy backstroke

8×25, reducing stroke count 1-4 and 5-8.

Think about what it took to reduce your stroke count on each 25.  Now consider how that strategy would play out on a long race, like a 1000 free.  Would it work?  If not, what would?  This is an opportunity to figure out what will work, and what can be sustained.

8×25, doing just that.



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