Workout for Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Focusing on the middle and second half of the race, with Chris, Misa, and Chris Lindstrom

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:


odds:  25 scull/25 kick/25 scull/25 kick

evens:  50 drill/50 swim

4×25 kick, build to fast

4×50 swim Golf on cruise+10 sec


main set:

1×600, moderate even pace

1×600, broken as follows:

1×200 on cruise

4×50 on cruise+10 sec, at a faster pace than the 200s

2×100 on cruise+10, try to maintain pace from 50s

No breaks between portions of this 600.  Everyone is fast at the beginning of the swim, but the mind wanders in the middle, and the pace fades.  This set brings your focus to those parts where we are weaker.

1×600 straight, faster than first 600.  

Try to pace as you did during the second 600.


last set:

100 easy


odds:  25 kick/50 drill

evens:  25 breathing left/25 breathing right/25 breathing every 3rd stroke

100 easy


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