Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Changing speeds by tweaking stroke length and tempo with Chris and Kate

warm up:

200 swim


odds are kick, evens are swim with hands in a fist

work on stroke symmetry and feel for the water with the forearm


main set:

2-3 rounds of:

1×400 on cruise+30 sec, maximum distance per stroke

1×200 uptempo on cruise

Use the 400 to set a long and smooth stroke length. On the 200s, maintain the stroke length, but increase your turnover rate. That’s how to generate more speed in the water.

100 easy


last set:

2 rounds of 4×50 kick with 15 sec rest after each.

In each round:

#1 kick on your left side with no board

#2 kick on your right side with no board

#3 kick on your back with no board

#4 kick on your stomach. A board is okay here, if desired.

Work on your balance in the water

1×400 pull, breathing bilaterally

Work on stroke symmetry


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