Saturday, March 13, 2021

Nonfree stroke work, best to worst, in 3 mini sets with Chris and Kate

warm up:

300 swim, very 3rd length nonfree

4×50 (25 scull/25 kick)

4×25 swim build, one each stroke


main set:

part 1:

4×100 on cruise+20 sec

odds best nonfree stroke, evens moderate free

6×50 on cruise+15 sec

odds second best nonfree, evens moderate free

8×25 on cruise+10 sec

odds worst nonfree, evens moderate free


part 2:

8×75 Rotating IM with 15 sec rest. Kick the middle 25

300 swim or pull (50 breathing to the right/50 breathing to the left/50 breathing bilaterally)


part 3:

8×100 IM with 20 sec rest

odds–kick the back and free, evens–kick the fly and breast


warm down:

200 easy


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