Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Holding cruise pace and interval for varying distances, with Chris and Kate

warm up:

300 swim, every 3rd length nonfree

4×50 (25 scull/25 kick)

4×25 build


main set:

1×500 on cruise

1×400 on cruise

1×300 on cruise

1×200 on cruise

1×100 on cruise

Hold cruise pace on all swims. If you on the right interval and at the right pace, you should be getting 5-10 sec rest per 100. For example, on the 500, you should get between 25 and 50 sec rest. As the distances get shorter, your rest interval will get shorter, and as you fatigue, it will get even tougher. Keep your swims even and efficient.


last set:

100 easy


odds: 50 kick/25 swim

evens: 50 single arm drill/25 swim

400 pull (25 breathe L/25 breathe R/50 breathe bilaterally)


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