Saturday, June 19, 2021

Alternating uptempo free and nonfree with Chris and Liz

warm up:

300 swim, every 3rd length nonfree

4×75, choice of strokes

odds 50 kick/25 swim

evens 50 drill/25 swim


main set:

6×100 on cruise+30 sec

odds: 25 nonfree/50 free/25 nonfree

evens: 25 free/50 nonfree/25 free

Uptempo on the nonfree, perfect technique on free

6×200 on cruise+45 sec

odds: 50 nonfree/100 free/50 nonfree

evens: 50 free/100 nonfree/50 free

Uptempo on the free, perfect technique on the nonfree


last set:

8×75 rotating IM, uptempo on the middle 25

1×400 swim or pull (breathe 25 left/25 right/25 every 3rd stroke/25 every 5th stroke)


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