Tuesday, July 6, 2021

IM stuff (or pick a focus) with Chris and Liz

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:

8×75, 2 each stroke

odds: 50 kick/25 swim

evens: 50 drill/25 swim


Fly: 3-2-1 countdown drill (which works best in short course pools). 3 strokes left side/3 right/2 strokes left/2 right/1 stroke left/1 right/full stroke the rest of the way. Focus on kick on hand entry, and a larger kick on hand exit. Hold that rhythm all the way through the length.

Back: 2 stroke Rhythm drill. Focus on core engagement to extend and set the catch, and take the pull all the way to the end.

Breast: Alternate strokes with a breast stroke kick and a dolphin kick. Use the hips to drive the arm extension forward.

Free: Single arm drill. Odd lengths breathe to your off arm side. Even lengths breathe to your pulling arm side. Focus on stroke symmetry and balance.


main set:

Part 1:

4 rounds of:

1×100 IM max DPS on cruise+30 sec

1×50 nonfree build on cruise+20 sec

Suggested–either 1 round each stroke, or pick a stroke to focus on.


part 2:

4 rounds of:

4×25 nonfree on cruise+15 sec, descend 1-4

1×100 free (25 breathe Left/25 breathe Right/25 breathe every 3rd stroke/25 breathe every 5th stroke) on cruise+15 sec

Suggested–either 1 round each stroke, or pick a stroke to focus on,


last set:

100 easy

4×75 kick (25 easy/25 build/25 fast) with 30 sec rest

200 easy swim or pull


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