Saturday, August 14, 2021

The long and short of nonfree, with Chris and Griff

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:

3×50 free on cruise+10 sec, descend 1-3

4×75 (25 kick/50 drill)

drills for fly, back, free: single arm or 2-stroke rhythm drill

drill for breast: breaststroke with flutter kick or alternating fly kick and breast kick

6×25 Build on cruise+10 sec

odds nonfree, evens free


main set:

5×50 on cruise+15 sec

4×100 on cruise+25 sec

3×150 on cruise+35 sec

2×200 on cruise+45 sec

1×250 on cruise+55 sec

The odds in each group are choice of nonfree. The evens are moderate free, focusing on perfect technique. Break between groups if you need to do so.


last set:

5×100 (75 build/25 easy)

#1. 100 kick

#2. 75 kick/25 swim

#3. 50 kick/50 swim

#4. 25 kick/75 swim

#5. 100 swim

100 easy


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