Saturday, 9/4/2021

Put away the hammer (mostly) and focus on technique, with Chris and Liz

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:

4×75 (50 drill/25 swim), one each stroke


Fly: single arm, rhythm, or 3-2-1 countdown drill

back: single arm or rhythm

breast: use butterfly kick or flutter kick

free: single arm or rhythm drill

1×100 kick

4×25 swim, build (choice of strokes)


main set:

3 rounds of:

1×200 free (25 breathe left/25 breathe right/25 breathe every 3rd stroke/25 breathe every 5th stroke)

1×100 (50 kick/50 drill) of the specified stroke for each round.

1×100 IM, less the freestyle–double down on the specified stroke for that round

4×25 specified stroke, descend 1-4

50 easy

Round 1: fly

Round 2: back

Round 3: breast


last set:

3×150 swim or pull, every 3rd length nonfree


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