Saturday, June 4, 2022

Working turns and finishes with Chris and Kate

warm up:

600 choice


drill set:

4×125 in reverse IM order (50 kick/50 drill/25 swim)

Drill for Fly, Back and Free: Single Arm drill. Focus on setting the high elbow catch.

Drill for Breast: 1 pull/2 kicks. Focus on pressing into the streamline out front.


main set:

There are no intervals today. Take 10-15 seconds after everything, and emphasize good technique. Everything is at a moderate pace. Focus on getting into and out the walls, whether it’s a turn or finish, including 2 hand touches on Breast and Fly, and finishing on your back for Backstroke.

4×25, one each stroke. Legal finishes.

1×200 Free, breathing every 3rd stroke

4×50, Legal turns and finishes

#1 25 fly/25 back

#2 25 back/25 breast

#3 25 breast/25 free

#4 25 free/25 fly

2×100 Free, breathing 2 strokes Left side/2 strokes Right side

4×75 rotating IM. Legal turns and finishes.

4×50 Free, breathing 25 on left side/25 on the right side

4×100 IM. Legal turns and finishes.

8×25 Free

#1 breathe every 3rd stroke

#2 breathe every 5th stroke

#3 breathe every 7th stroke

#4 breathe every 9th stroke

Repeat pattern on #5-8


last set:

1×300 (50 kick/50 choice)


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