Workout for Monday 12/19/16

Workout for Monday, 12/19/16

A Red Dot workout with Chris, Ryan and Tina

Warm up:

600 choice



Drill set:

 1×300, every 3rd length freestyle with a dolphin kick

Focus on extension into the high elbow catch/early vertical forearm

 1×300, every 3rd length kick

 6×50 on cruise+10 sec

Odds:  25 breathing to your left side/25 breathing to your right side

Evens:   breathing every 3rd or 5th stroke

Focus on left side/right side balance and stroke symmetry



Main set:

This is a spin on an old Coach Bob set.  If you look at a pace clock, every number has a red dot that the second hand sweeps by.  On a Red Dot set, you finish one swim and begin the next one on the next number or red dot on the pace clock.  If using a digital pace clock, the next swim begins on the next number that ends in a 0 or 5.  You can swim this set at whatever pace you want.  The rest is not to be had on the walls.  Instead, you get your rest by adjusting your pace as you swim.  You can do any stroke, drill or kick desired.  If the set is swum according to the strict interpretation of the rule, every swim will get at least 1 second but not more than 5 seconds of rest before the next one.  If you come in exactly on a number, wait until the next one.

Twice through the following:

Go on the next red dot on these:






On this portion, go on the next clock number ending in 0.  Think Second Red Dot.  Your rest between swims may be as much as 10 seconds.








Last set:

 12×50 on cruise+10 sec

Swim these in 4 rounds of 3×50.  In each round:

#1  25 breathing to the left/25 breathing to the right

#2  breathing every 3rd stroke

#3  breathing every 5th stroke

Focus again on left side/right side balance and symmetry.  Remember good streamlines and breakouts off of each wall.




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