Sunday, 12/25 Pirate Christmas workout

Why a pirate Christmas? Because Christmas is once a year but pirates are forever 🙂


  • 4 x 75  first 25 freestyle with dolphin kick, 50 build
  • 10 x 25 – odds peg-leg kicking (one leg), evens both legs

NOTE: Peg leg kicking drill emphasizes how you can get forward momentum from both down AND up stroke on each kick

Main Sets

  • Leave the landlubbers behind: 10 minute swim
  • Leave the landlubbers behind: 15 minutes of 100s on Cruise
  • Dashing through the waves: 10 x 50 Butterfly down, breast stroke back
  • A pillaging we will go: first person in lane tries to hit cruise interval. Second person leaves 10 back and tries to catch them. (Third, fifth persons leave 5 back and try to hit cruise, fourth, sixth swimmers try to catch them). If you catch them, tell them to go swab the poop deck!  Regroup after each and first swimmer goes to the back. Do this for 10 minutes
  • Walk the plank: 10 minutes of vertical kicking: 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off  Entertain your lanemates with as many pirate jokes as you can. What’s a pirates favorite music? ARRpeggios!

Cool Down

  • 4 x 25  start and end in the middle of the pool – if you walk the plank, you wont have walls to push off of and you’ll need to swim faster than the sharks
  • 200 easy

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