Workout for Thursday 3/16/17

Thursday, March 16, 2017

IMs—easing off the hammer and getting technical, with Chris and Ryan


Warm up:

600 choice



Set 1:

Getting the blood flowing

12×50 free

#1-3 on cruise+10 sec

#4-6 on cruise+5 sec

#7-9 on cruise+10 sec

#10-12 on cruise



Set 2:

Relaxed IMs with a little bit of a technical focus

4 rounds of:

3×50 kick

3×50 drill

1×200 IM, building the stroke for that round.  The other strokes are moderate/max DPS. 

Do one round each stroke.  Take 15 sec rest after everything.  If you don’t know appropriate drills to use, given what you need to work on, ask your coach.



Set 3:

An intermezzo to work on turns and transitions

7×50 on cruise+15 sec

#1  fly

#2  25 fly/25 back

#3  back

#4  25 back/25 breast

#5  breast

#6  25 breast/25 free

#7  free

Focus on clean entries into the turns, and good streamlined exits and breakouts.  Easy to moderate between the flags.



Set 4:

A little heat, with a choice of stroke or IM focus

4 rounds of:

2×100 choice of nonfree on cruise+30 sec

Focus on good mechanics and clean walls, whatever strokes you’re doing.

1×100 easy free

Easy doesn’t mean sloppy.  Keep your mechanics sharp and clean.




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